Mobyus Key KPI

Milestones over the past 4 years

Mobyus Provides

Mobyus provides end- to-end integration service

Why Mobyus?

Differentiated AI driven Mobyus software; ‘TAMS’, MV Suite

  • Synergy between SCM Solution and AMR/TAMS Solution

Specialized Industry Insights in High-Growth Sector

  • Automotive, EV, Secondary Battery, Solar Panel
  • Diverse Use case Design

Diverse Product Portfolio; AFL, AMRs, Automated Logistics Equipment 

  • Covers wide range of automation process

What is TAMS?

TAMS: Total Autonomous Mobility Management System.

TAMS is AI Driven in house Integrated Control Software.

Our Clients

Multitude of references with major affiliate companies in both AMR & SCM Solution departments

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· Junho Baek CEO / +82-10-5315-5331

· Sunwoo Kim CSO / +82-10-6207-6652 

· Yoojong Lee GTM Strategy Lead / +82-10-3705-2046 

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